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An application for COVID-19 was installed on all smartphones

Mobile phon - COVID-19 application

Mobile phon - COVID-19 applicationAn application for COVID-19 was installed in both Android and iOS mobile phones in their settings, following the update of the operating systems.

On Android devices, go to “Settings” then “Google”, and you will find there the application “COVID-19 exposure notification”.

On iPhone devices, go to “Settings” then “Privacy” and then “Health.”

The application is disabled by default, allowing it to run in the background via Bluetooth. It measures the distance between the phone and other phones and warns the phone owner if someone next to him is tested positive for Covid-19.

The application will allow government and private institutions that develop specific applications to monitor people’s routes and their interaction with those infected with Covid-19.

“This is not a new app but is an extra element added to the phones’ operating systems to enable approved developers to build apps that can potentially warn of proximity to infected individuals,” said Woodward of the University of Surrey. “Only apps approved by Google and Apple will be included in their app stores where they try to make use of this facility.”

Activating the application is optional. But I think you will end up in a situation where you will not be able to enter certain institutions or certain public areas unless you have installed and activated this application, so it will become very common soon.

Don’t rely on not activating the app!

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