Arguments against speciesism

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Anti-speciesism For supporters of antispeciesism (philosophical and political movement opposed to speciesism), speciesism is a reprehensible ideology, and an “animal liberation movement” is necessary to put an end to the exploitation of animals. For antispeciesists, “speciesism can be defined as … Read More

Types of consequentialism

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Utilitarianism (John Stuart Mill) Utilitarianism is, historically, the main consequentialist moral theory. He takes as right the action which generates the most happiness for all the agents, happiness being defined as the maximization of pleasures and the minimization of pains. … Read More

What does ‘God’ mean? Is God Knowable?

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What does ‘God’ mean? To this question, there is a great plurality of philosophical, sociological, or ideological opinions about religion. The religions have various interpretations on the part of the philosophers and the “founding” theorists of the various human sciences. … Read More

Major types of logic

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Syllogistic logic Organon is Aristotle’s principal work of logic, including the Prior Analytics; it constitutes the first explicit work of formal logic, with in particular the introduction of syllogistics. The works of Aristotle are considered in Europe and the Middle … Read More

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