Analytic aesthetics

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(Fontaine, by Marcel Duchamp, 1917. The analytical aesthetic is constructed from a reflection on conceptual art and pop art.) Analytic aesthetics is a philosophical stream that emerged in the 1950s in the English-speaking world, which particularly studies notions related to … Read More

Book design

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Book design concerns the graphic and typographical design of the content and the cover of a book. The publisher is usually responsible for the design and often uses the expertise of specialists. These can be book designers, typographers, communication designers, … Read More


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A library (from ancient Greek βιϐλιοθήκη: biblio, “book”; thêkê, “deposit”) is the place where an organized collection of books is kept and read. There are private libraries – including rich libraries open to the public – and public libraries. Libraries … Read More


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Epicureanism is a current of Western philosophy whose main objective is the attainment of happiness by the satisfaction of only “natural and necessary” desires. It is a materialist and atomist doctrine which can be qualified either as reasoned hedonism or … Read More

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