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The term post-structuralism denotes different approaches and methods in the humanities and social sciences, which first emerged in France at the end of the 1960s and which deal critically in different ways with the relationship between linguistic practice and social reality. The decisive factor here is the view that language not only … Read More

Principia: The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy (Annotated), by Isaac Newton

The English-language print edition of the most famous scientific book of all time has been published on Amazon: “Principia: The Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy (Annotated)”, by Isaac Newton Paperback Edition and Hardcover Edition: For digital versions (PDF, EPUB … Read More

Analytic aesthetics

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(Fontaine, by Marcel Duchamp, 1917. The analytical aesthetic is constructed from a reflection on conceptual art and pop art.) Analytic aesthetics is a philosophical stream that emerged in the 1950s in the English-speaking world, which particularly studies notions related to … Read More

Book design

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Book design concerns the graphic and typographical design of the content and the cover of a book. The publisher is usually responsible for the design and often uses the expertise of specialists. These can be book designers, typographers, communication designers, … Read More

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