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RATT Mission and Strategic Plan

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RATT Mission and Strategic Plan

Romanian Association for Telework and Teleactivities Mission Statement

“To assure the open development, evolution and use of the telework and teleactivities for the benefit of all people.”

The Romanian Association for Telework and Teleactivities …

  1. Facilitates open development of standards, protocols, administration and the technical infrastructure related on telework and teleactivities

  2. Supports education in rural areas specifically, and wherever the need exists

  3. Promotes professional development and opportunities for association to telework and teleactivities leadership

  4. Provides reliable information about the telework and teleactivities

  5. Provides forums for discussion of issues that affect telework and teleactivities evolution, development and use — technical, commercial, societal, etc.

  6. Fosters an environment for national and international cooperation, community, and a culture that enables implementation of telework and teleactivities

  7. Serves as a focal point for cooperative efforts to promote the telework and teleactivities as a positive tool to benefit all people

  8. Provides management and coordination for on-strategy initiatives and outreach efforts — humanitarian, educational, societal, etc.

With these strategic underpinnings in place, the Romanian Association for Telework and Teleactivities will identify and undertake a number of projects to demonstrate its commitment to the mission.

RATT will serve as the Romanian organization for national coordination and cooperation, promoting and maintaining a broad spectrum of activities focused on the telework and teleactivities development, availability, and associated technologies.

RATT acts not only as a clearinghouse for telework and teleactivities information and education but also as a facilitator and coordinator of telework and teleactivities-related initiatives. RATT serves the needs of the growing telework and teleactivities community. From commerce to education to social issues, our goal is to enhance the availability and utility of the telework and teleactivities on the widest possible scale.

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