Cake-logoDeveloper: Cake Software Foundation
Written: PHP
Environment: Multi -platform
Type: Web Framework
License: MIT License

CakePHP is an open source web framework written in PHP released under the MIT license. It follows the pattern Model -View-Controller design and mimics the operation of Ruby on Rails.


Like Rails, CakePHP eases the use of databases with Active record. It also strongly encourages the use of architecture Model -View-Controller.

  • Compatible with PHP4 and PHP5.

  • CRUD integration for simplified use of SQL databases. Using Active record pattern design.

  • Dispatcher URL for obtaining easily readable addresses.

  • Fast and flexible with a template engine using PHP syntax and providing utility classes (the “helpers”) to facilitate the formatting (using AJAX, JavaScript, HTML, forms and many others).

  • Works in any subdirectory where is accessible via an HTTP server such as Apache.

  • Data validation.

  • Components of security, rights management and session management.

  • Viewcache and flexible actions.

  • Scripts command line for automatic code generation from the physical data model.

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