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CeBIT 2011, Hanover, Germany. Free eTickets to the world’s largest computer expo!

Press release
CeBIT 2011 (1. March to 5. March)

CeBIT 2011: Key Milestone for Economic Upswing

Due to recent positive economic indicators, the international ICT industry is regaining its sense of imagination. “CeBIT 2011 stands to benefit from the increasingly positive climate in the ICT marketplace,” says Frank Pörschmann, Senior Vice President of CeBIT at Deutsche Messe AG, at a press conference in Munich. “Our new themes, high-caliber conference program and unique portfolio of services represent a key milestone on the way to sustained economic recovery.” German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will officially open CeBIT, the world’s leading event for the digital industry, on 28 February 2011 in Hannover, Germany.

CeBIT 2011 is comprised of four user-oriented platforms: CeBIT pro showcases professional ICT applications for companies of all sizes; CeBIT gov caters to decision-makers from the public sector and features solutions for municipal, state and federal administration as well as applications for the healthcare sector; CeBIT lab, the ICT industry’s future laboratory, serves as a platform for universities and research institutes; and CeBIT life focuses on consumer-oriented solutions, giving both professionals and enthusiasts a glimpse at tomorrow’s technology-based lifestyle — whether it involves integrated, intelligent living; technology-supported recreational activities or new forms of Internet usage.

CeBIT life will also highlight generation-specific applications for enhanced quality of life with a special display sector for the so-called “silver surfers”. “Intelligent technology can make life for the older generation in many areas more convenient, social and safe, but the elderly sometimes still have reservations about using these new technologies. CeBIT is dedicated to helping people overcome these inhibitions and will show just how easy modern technology can be”, Pörschmann says.

Following its successful 2010 premier, CeBIT sounds! will again connect the ICT and music industries from 1 to 5 March 2011.

CeBIT is forming alliances with new partners and developing new themes with companies from the user industries. Examples include the topic “eMobility” in transportation and automotive and the topics “Smart Grid” and “Energy Efficiency” in the energy field. The same holds true for public authorities, municipal infrastructure and the healthcare sector. ICT is a key driver of innovations in all these sectors, and our goal is to promote that.

Keynote Theme in 2011: “Work and Life with the Cloud”

With its keynote theme of “Work and Life with the Cloud”, CeBIT 2011 is the first international event to specifically target this major ICT growth sector. “Only CeBIT is capable of presenting such a complex, cross-industry topic like the Cloud in all its facets,” says Pörschmann. Cloud technologies had by now become “fully practicable”, and the task is to develop business models and applications that generate orders for providers.

CeBIT Global Conferences: Prominent Speakers Confirm Participation

In this regard, the CeBIT Global Conferences, which are already fully booked, play a central role. The “Work and Life with the Cloud” keynote theme shapes the entire conference. Confirmed speakers include Jean-Philippe Courtois, President, Microsoft International; Alan Mulally, CEO, Ford Motor Co.; Parker Harris, Co-Founder and EVP, Salesforce; Michael Mendenhall, CMO, Hewlett-Packard; Paul Hermelin, CEO, Capgemini; and Hamid Akhavan, CEO, Siemens Enterprise Communications.

Leading political and international media figures have also committed to the CeBIT Global Conferences, including Neelie Kroes, EU Commissar and Vice President of the European Commission, and Chris Pirillo, Internet celebrity and one of America’s leading bloggers.

House of CIOs: Networking Platform for Users

Alongside the CeBIT Global Conferences, the topic of “Work and Life with the Cloud” will feature in a series of special presentations targeted at decision-makers from user industries. The House of CIOs, for example, will bring together more than 300 top executives from across the globe to discuss pressing issues, while the new Chief Executive Club provides a forum to discuss and plan major projects in a relaxed and confidential atmosphere. “The international project business has become more complex and requires confidential negotiations between a number of different parties and partners. The simple buyer-seller relationship no longer exists. CeBIT offers the perfect environment for promoting international strategies, projects and solutions,” said Pörschmann.

28 February 2011: Merkel and Erdoğan to open CeBIT

More than 2,000 guests are anticipated for the CeBIT Opening Ceremony at the Hannover Congress Center, where German Chancellor Angela Merkel will be joined by Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as the official representative of the CeBIT Partner Country. “Turkey will showcase itself as a modern ICT nation at CeBIT,” says Pörschmann, adding that the country would have exhibition stands in several areas of the fair. Turkey is not just a dynamic ICT provider, but also an important sales market with strong potential and an increasingly important trading partner due to its role as a gateway to Asian markets.

Map of Exposition Grounds

Free eTickets for CeBIT 2011

Register for a free eTicket at CeBIT 2011. After registration, each guest will receive a personalized ticket by e-mail. The eTickets need to be printed by the recipient and presented at the turnstiles for entry. The ticket can also be used to travel free of charge on public transport in the Greater Hannover area on the day of the visit. Please note the day of the visit on the eTicket and climb aboard.

You must register your complimentary ticket online before attending the event.

The link for the free eTicket: http://www.cebit.de/promo2011?6ggbo

We wish you every success at CeBIT 2011!

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