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Candide – The best of all possible worlds


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CandideTranslated and illustrated by Nicolae Sfetcu.

A philosophical tale, a story of a journey that will transform the eponymous hero into a philosopher.

An important debate on fatalism and the existence of Evil. For a long time Voltaire has been fiercely opposed to the ideas of the philosopher Leibniz concerning God, the “principle of sufficient reason,” and his idea of ​​”pre-established harmony.”

God is perfect, the world can not be, but God has created the best possible world. Evil exists punctually, but it is compensated elsewhere by an infinitely great good. Nothing happens without there being a necessary cause.

An encouragement to fatalism. Voltaire opposes to this optimism that he considers smug, a lucid vision on the world and its imperfections, a confidence in the man who is able to improve his condition.

In Candide, Voltaire openly attacks Leibnizian optimism and makes Pangloss a ridiculous defender of this philosophy. Criticism of optimism is the main theme of the tale: each of the adventures of the hero tends to prove that it is wrong to believe that our world is the best of all possible worlds.


CHAPTER I. How Candide was brought up in a beautiful castle, and how he was expelled from it
CHAPTER II. What became Candide among the Bulgarians
CHAPTER III. How Candide fled from the Bulgarians, and what became of him
CHAPTER IV. How Candide met his former master of philosophy, Dr. Pangloss, and what happened
CHAPTER V. Tempest, shipwreck, earthquake, and what happened to Doctor Pangloss, Candide, and Anabaptist Jacques
CHAPTER VI. How a beautiful autodafe was made to prevent the earthquakes, and how Candide was spanked
CHAPTER VII. How an old woman took care of Candide, and how he found what he loved
CHAPTER VIII. History of Cunegonde
CHAPTER IX. What happened to Cunegonde, Candide, the Grand Inquisitor, and a Jew
CHAPTER X. In what distress arrive at Cadiz Candide, Cunegonde, and the old woman, and their embarkation
CHAPTER XI. The history of the old woman
CHAPTER XII. Continuation of the misfortunes of the old woman
CHAPTER XIII. How Candide was forced to separate from the beautiful Cunegonde and the old woman
CHAPTER XIV. How Candide and Cacambo were received by the Jesuits of Paraguay
CHAPTER XV. How Candide killed his dear Cunegonde’s brother
CHAPTER XVI. What happened to the two travelers with two daughters, two monkeys, and the wild ones named Mumps
CHAPTER XVII. Arrival of Candide and his valet in the land of Eldorado, and what they saw there
CHAPTER XVIII. What they saw in the land of Eldorado
CHAPTER XIX. What happened to them in Surinam, and how Candide got to know Martin
CHAPTER XX. What happened on the sea to Candide and Martin
CHAPTER XXI. Candide and Martin are approaching the coasts of France, and they are reasoning
CHAPTER XXII. What happened in France to Candide and Martin
CHAPTER XXIII. Candide and Martin go on the coast of England; what they see
CHAPTER XXIV. About Paquette, and brother Giroflee
CHAPTER XXV. Visit to the Lord Pococurante, Venetian nobleman
CHAPTER XXVI. Of a supper that Candide and Martin made with six foreigners, and who they were
CHAPTER XXVII. Travel of Candide to Constantinople
CHAPTER XXVIII. What happened to Candide, Cunegonde, Pangloss, Martin, etc.
CHAPTER XXIX. How Candide found Cunegonde and the old woman
CHAPTER XXX. Conclusion

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DOI: 10.58679/TW59140

Publication Date: 27 octombrie 2017

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