The Drop and the OceanDaniel, the hero of this book represents the man thirsty for knowledge who, according to Jesus, ‘asks and will be given’, receives the answers he needed to gain the inner peace so necessary to us all, through the master who appears at the right time, as they say, when the student is ready.

The book contains ten chapters through which the Master answers the Disciple to his existential questions about what is manifested, that is Creation and what is Unmanifested, that is Divinity or God.

The manifestation contains the physical world, which we all know, and the unseen, energy world that lives in other physical dimensions. The fact that we do not see the other worlds makes us believe that they do not exist and live in ignorance. As we evolve spiritually, leaving behind the ego and ignorance, we gain access to the higher worlds. We can perceive at that point the reality of everything that exists, but cannot be seen through the sense of sight.

The Drop and the Ocean

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