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e-Mail strategy

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e-Mail strategy

This is the simplest and cheapest way to enter the world of the Internet, allowing extremely low cost.

It is especially useful in establishing regular external contacts, regardless of the geographical area.

For customers already using regular e-mail service, you can use auto answer for some questions and contacts, and the ability to send files by e-mail allows rapid response to technical questions, increasing the quality of services.

One of the ways to promote a website is to build a database of addresses of potential clients interest in your offer. A basic condition to be respected in the world of the Internet is that enrollment in this database be made voluntarily, based on personal choice. The practice of sending unsolicited commercial email (spam) is not only damaging the company’s image, but in some countries may be considered a violation of law.

It is also important the form in which your messages are sent via e-mail. We recommend writing messages in a simple text editor such as Notepad or UltraEdit. Also try as a row not to exceed 60 characters, and use “Enter” at the end of each line. These precautions will ensure that your message will look identical in almost any e-mail. Otherwise there is a risk that the end of the row to appear at intervals different of the way you formatted that message.

Finally, make sure that the sending message is important. Do not send a message that just say “Did you visit my (our) site lately?”. Give potential customers a reason to return to your pages.

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