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EU Clear English Tips for Translators – Prefer a verb to an abstract noun


  • Change > to
  • carry out an evaluation of performance > evaluate performance
  • conduct an investigation into fraud > investigate fraud
  • perform an audit of operations > audit operations
  • give consideration to consumers’ concerns > consider consumers’ concerns
  • secure the involvement / participation of students > involve students
  • upon the expiration of the time period > when the time period expires
  • within 30 days following notification to farmers > within 30 days after farmers are notified
  • make a/the recommendation that > recommend that
  • contains a discussion of results > discusses results
  • effect payment of EUR 10 000 > pay EUR 10 000
  • bring about an improvement in quality > improve quality
  • come to an agreement to the effect that > agree that
  • Law 485/2010 on the amendment of Law 22/2006 > Law 485/2010 amending Law 22/2006
  • after the setting up of the Institute > after the Institute was set up
  • introduce a ban on smoking > ban smoking
  • cause harm to consumers > harm consumers
  • bring about an increase in funding > increase funding
  • proceed to the counting of the votes > count the votes
  • provide a response to the complaint > respond to the complaint
  • The funding of projects takes place centrally. > Projects are funded centrally.
  • Changes to the Law did not come about. > The Law was not changed.
  • The project will be subject to an evaluation. > The project will be evaluated.
  • The practice of crop rotation is regular. > Crops are regularly rotated.

This includes lists.

  • The project will achieve the following results: > The project will:
    • creation of contacts … > create contacts …
    • preparation of recommendations … > prepare recommendations …
  • Officers are responsible for tasks including: > Officers:
    • supervision of work … > supervise work …
    • monitoring of progress … > monitor progress …

Particularly avoid chains of abstract nouns.

  • This will create the possibility of modifications of the methods of implementation of the project. > This will make it possible to change how the project is implemented.
  • The aim of the programme is the improvement of the effectiveness of the work of customs authorities for the purpose of the protection of EU interests. > The programme aims to help customs authorities protect EU interests.

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