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European Union, 60 years

European Union, 60 years

Snipers on rooftops, drones in the air, and thousands of police on the streets in Rome. EU heads of state met in the same Renaissance Palazzo del Conservatives where it all began on March 25, 1957, with the Treaty of Rome. Less UK.

Pope Francis blessed them, the White House congratulated them.

The recent crises (mass migration, eurozone financial crisis, terrorism, Brex, populsimul and extremism …) have challenged the soundness of the concept. Despite assurances given in full on this occasion by the Rome Declaration about a common future, “multi-speed Europe” will be the model on which the EU will develop from now on. An asimetry that will be finalized in time to be easier accepted by the countries of second hand, or third hand.

What will be from now on? Carefully watch the movement of multinational companies. They are the only ones that have no interest to paint his fence.

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