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Facebook ”geopolitics”

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With approx. a month ago, Facebook was sending me a notification that because I was breaking Facebook’s rules, I would no longer be able to post in Facebook groups, including the ones I created and moderated, for a month. Since I only post about science, philosophy, IT and my books, I think the only inconvenience was not that I post inappropriate posts, but that where I am a moderator in large groups like European Union News, I don’t allow any posts other than strictly thematic ones, also deleting posts that support Facebook “geopolitics” but that do not fit into the respective topic.

After the restriction month, as soon as I posted a physics article in the Science and Technology group that I created and moderate, I received a notification from Facebook that it suspended my right to post in my own groups for a year.

I continued to post on my own profile and on the Facebook pages I created and owned. Thus, the next stage was the impossibility of accessing Facebook from the computer, all pages having the notification “Sorry, something went wrong. We’re working on getting this fixed as soon as we can.” I reported this so-called bug to the Facebook platform but got no response.

Currently I continue to post, on my own profile and on my pages, by phone (access by phone is still not blocked):

The problem is that due to access being blocked by a Facebook bug, I won’t be able to effectively moderate the groups I’m a moderator on. So I expect as soon as possible that my access will be blocked on my phone or even my account will be suspended, on the grounds that I neglect the moderation of the groups where I am a moderator.

Real reasons? It is possible that someone wants to take over some groups that are very followed and where I do not allow posts that comply with the Facebook “policy” but that do not fall within the rules of the respective groups.

Just in case…


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