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Google, iPhone, and mobile market

It’s done! After iPhone was the most searched keyword in Google search for the last year 2007, now, the iPhone become the best user of the Google search engine. Never said in this blog so big words, but in my opinion this partnership is the beginning of a new revolution in Internet as well as on the mobile market.

Google Web Applications Integration of the iPhone with GMail

Google LogoGoogle made the announcement today, about the new improvements in integrating Google with iPhone, project that started a month ago. The integration will include Search, Gmail, Calendar, Reader, and other applications.

The updated integration improve UI (easier to activate, touch-screen, slicker look and feel of the application), customize the default tabs, a speedier Gmail without refreshing and auto-complete feature, improve the Calendar (users can glance at an entire month of appointments), and it is possible to access iGoogle gadgets on the iPhone, being able to display all the user’s customization.

The new desktop for iPhone will be optimized and like the Google web application.

This way, the iPhone is able to use all the products and services available at mobile.google.com.

Google Mobile Blog says that “the entire experience is made possible by the iPhone’s general usability (touch and high-resolution) and the capabilities of its web browser (AJAX, CSS). It’s also pretty cool that the iPhone has an unlimited data plan so you never have to worry about cost when you’re browsing the web. And we’re working on making this version of Google.com available outside the U.S.”

Macworld is in the air

“There’s something in the air.” Well, Macworld is in the air; they’re clearly referring to something else. But what? We’re all guessing today, but we’ll find out tomorrow!” (Google Mac Blog)


As for the Apple, just an image with a short notice: “There’s something in the air. Watch the Macworld 2008 Keynote by Steve Jobs. Tuesday afternoon on Apple.com.

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