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Luck and probability in casino games

Luck comes and goes, but the knowledge lasts forever. Online casino games require luck to win only if you let luck play a part. The reality is that all casino games are tests of your knowledge and discipline, and the skillful player will, in the long run, do much better at games than the gambler who hopes that the ‘gods’ will intervene on his or her behalf.

Playing most of the casino games is as pure an exercise in probability statistics as you can get, but you don’t need to be a math professor to learn how to do it. The steps you need to take are actually pretty simple:

  1. Know the game you’re playing. You have to know what options the casino gives you. Most Internet casinos list their rules, but not all do so. You should not begin play until you understand the rules and know how many decks the casino is using.

  2. Obtain the proper playing strategy for that game. When you go to the games, you’ll find a strategy chart for each on the same page so you needn’t worry about this step. But you must remember that different rules require a different strategy.

  3. Follow the strategy This may seem obvious, but you’ll find that some plays you’ll be asked to make may seem incorrect. They aren’t, so do what your strategy chart tells you. This is the key to cutting the casino’s edge to a minimum.

  4. Know your limitations Bear in mind that even though you may be playing with excellent accuracy, the casino probably still has an edge over you. (I say “probably”, because there are some casinos where a skilled player is about ‘even’ with the house.

  5. Electronic Alternatives While the casino controls its rules and consequently, the edge it has over a skillful player, it is possible to play ‘perfect’ game on the Internet.

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