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Motor sports

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Auto racing (also known as automobile racing, autosport or motorsport) is a sport involving racing automobiles. Motor racing or motorsport may also mean motorcycle racing, and it can further include motorboat racing and air racing. It is one of the world’s most popular spectator sports and perhaps the most thoroughly commercialized.

Use of flags

In open-wheel, stock-car and other types of circuit auto races, flags are displayed to indicate the general status of a race and to communicate instructions to competitors in a race. While the flags have changed from the first years (e.g. red used to start a race), these are generally accepted for today.

Flag Displayed from start tower Displayed from observation post
The race has started or resumed after a full caution or stop, or the race is proceeding normally. End of hazardous section of track.
Full course caution condition for ovals. On road courses, it means a local area of caution. Depending on the type of racing, either two yellow flags will be used for a full course caution or a sign with ‘SC’ (Safety car) will be used as the field follows the pace/safety car on track and no cars may pass. Local caution condition — no cars may pass at the particular corner where being displayed.
Debris or slippery patches on the track.
The car with the indicated number must pit for consultation. The session is halted; all cars on course must return to pit lane.
The car with the indicated number has mechanical trouble.
The driver of the car with the indicated number has been penalized for misbehaviour.
The driver of the car with the indicated number is disqualified or will not be scored until they report to the pits.
A car must allow another car to pass if the flag is blue only. With an orange or yellow stripe, it simply serves as a warning that faster traffic is behind. A car is being advised to give way to faster traffic approaching.
The race is stopped—all cars must halt on the track or return to pit lane.
One lap remains. A slow vehicle is on the track.
The race has concluded.

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