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My predictions for the new year 2008

Due to the global warming with increased effects for this year, the developed states will change their national strategies by taking into account these aspects, and we will see important geopolitical changes.

United States will try to overcome the economical crisis by extending its influence in new areas, but it will encounter a much stronger opposition from the European Union, Russia, China and Japan.

The issue of the sovereignty of the Arctic area between Russia and Canada will be developed as an international conflict. In 2008 will enter in this issue United States as well as other countries that do not have common borders with Arctic, due to the important Arctic’s oil, the very special strategic importance, and even as a matter of survival due to the increased global warming.

For more specific predictions for Romania, see Aluzii.

Some prediction for the IT market, in accordance with PC World:

  • Microsoft will announce an extension of Windows XP till the end of the year 2008
  • There will be an important international issue when the Chinese hackers will compromise the defense system of some foreign government
  • The green IT will become a model for the corporations
  • The mobile networks will be opened for the external devices and applications and will offer from more to more Wi-Fi as well as a lot of localization-based services
  • Linux will be from more to more used in the enterprise environment, as well as in the governmental institutions
  • The social networks will invade the corporations till the end of the year

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