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Poker strategy tips


To maximize the chances of winning a poker player chooses a strategy game.

  • The selection of starting hands by choosing which hands to play in preflop with the given chips. Referring to the theory of David Sklansky, author of a reference book in 1976 about Hold’em Poker, we can classify the hands of departure in different categories.
  • The power of chips is a strategy.
  • The control of attitudes, habits or tics of other players have to be watching because they may provide clues about the game.
  • Patience and game analysis are key for a good poker player. In fact the chance has little importance compared to other parameters such as statistics and mathematics.
  • In a more theoretical approach we can talk about the game said “unworkable”, where whatever the strategy is chosen by the opponent he cannot – theoretically – win against this strategy over the long term.

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