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Protect the health while loosing weight

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Protect the health while loosing weightWeight loss must be appropriate in order to protect the health. However, many people lose weight overcoming the extreme limit, and this way the body is affected. Therefore, some nutritionists and sociologists, appealed to lose weight must be appropriate, as long as will not affect the health.

Some excessive weight loss may conduct to anorexia nervosa and other psychiatric disorders . The general persuasion in such cases may not work, it is recommended to seek professional advice in a timely manner.

Weight loss and children

Due to the increasingly affluent society, the problem of childhood obesity in developed areas have become more and more serious. Childhood obesity will not only affect the physiological development, not only grow, mature, but it will affect also mental health. The children that tends to be more obese have an inferiority complex, because the physical action is slow, so most such children consider that their intelligence is not as other people. Inferiority complex led to many children autistic, timid, sometimes for a long time will be unresponsive, emotional indifference. Many adolescents or young have problems with communication because of obesity.

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