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Publishing on behalf of a publisher

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Publishing on behalf of a publisher is a method of publishing a book which consists, for a publisher, of publishing a work that he may have asked an author to write, or of which he has retained the manuscript sent to him by his author. In the latter case, the selection process is often entrusted to a reading committee, made up of writers or specialists in the field who recommend or not the publication of the title, and whose functioning is similar to the reading committees of scientific journals.

The author has the right by contract, for a specific period and in exchange for clear commitments (publication deadlines, level of royalties collected on the work, commercial guarantees, etc.), to remuneration called copyright which is proportional to the number of books sold and is generally 8-10% of their price excluding tax, with successful authors sometimes getting up to 20%. A lump sum advance on rights is sometimes paid according to terms also established by contract (upon signature of the contract, publication of the book, etc.)

Self-publishing is opposed to publishing on behalf of a publisher, which consists of having one’s works published at one’s own expense by a publisher who only takes care of the technical part of the publishing work (layout, printing, delivery and possibly distribution), assuming no editorial or financial risk. In this case, the author therefore remunerates the publisher as a service provider and this time receives all of the profits from sales, the copyright no longer having any reason to exist.

(Includes texts from Wikipedia translated and adapted by Nicolae Sfetcu)

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