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Real life

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486075Pope Francis: Amalia, the childhood sweetheart whose snub created a pope… Japan will join Pacific trade talks despite opposition in US Congress… Senate investigation finds JP Morgan hid mistakes as trade losses grew… Reuters journalist charged with hacking conspiracy… Justin Bieber: ‘I don’t deserve all this negative press’… Samsung shuffles: TV and mobile chiefs made co-CEOs…
 News, news, news…
 How many of them concern us directly? How many matters to our personal lives? To my life? What helps me to know how became the Pope Pope, what intends to do Japan, what matters for JP Morgan, and for the journalists from Reuters, or Justin Bieber, or …
 I have my personal issues that have nothing to do with those stupid news (in my opinion).
 One idea is that this news helps me gain my daily bread. But it seems that this is not everything.
 Is this an escape from reality? As for the other soap operas, or parties, or extreme sports?
 That is, work can act as a drug. Agree, for some, work is really a pleasure. But drugs produce pleasure too. And both produce addiction. The difference is that the work helps to survive.
 And then, if all these activities break you from real life, which is the real life? In fact, whatever you do in real life, it can be seen as a departure from real life. Then?
 I am convinced that real life doesn’t means to do anything, like hermits. Perhaps such a life means to ask yourself no question, and simply to live and do what you love?
 But not all lives are real? Or just we have the impression that we live?

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