We believe that the availability of a quality web site, at an affordable cost, is not available to the small business community. It is no secret that the major design firms charge exorbitant hourly fees to cover their huge overhead costs which they then pass on to their clients. We, on the other hand, do not have this overhead cost and will not hit you with big hourly fees… We charge a “fixed price” for my design work so you know in advance what your upfront costs will be.

Our Mission

Be it customization, navigation or content structure, our understanding of the dynamics of the Internet means the web sites we design will not only be visually satisfying, involving and at the cutting edge of digital design, but also efficient, well branded, informative and involving. We are also dedicated to producing truly unique and innovative web sites for our clients that are not only affordable, but to provide ongoing customer service and support when it is needed.

Our Goal

Our goal is to provide ourclients:

  • Highly effective web sites and web-based advertising aimed at driving qualified traffic to client communities

  • An innovative and proven mix of graphic design and technology that will heighten web visitors desire to learn more about ourclient’s communities.

  • A single stop source for all ourclient’s web needs that can be combined into complete programs or discreet services

Our Services

Here is just a sampling of what we will do for you:

  • Custom design your site for a FIXED fee… no hourly rates.

  • Register your domain name should you choose to go with a www.com name

  • Research availability of your choice of a domain name

  • Set you up with a Host if you don’t have one

  • Arrange the transfer of your site from your current Host to another Host of your choosing

  • Register the site with all of the major search engines and directories

  • Develop forms for customer feedback, or online purchases that will be emailed to you

  • Scan your photos for display on the Internet

  • Provide affordable monthly maintenance for updates / changes to your site should content change

  • Custom design banners / logos… it’s included in our fixed price

  • Provide you with statistics showing visitor activity on your site

  • Update an existing web site if you already have one

2 Responses

  1. Nicolae Sfetcu

    Hi Harvie, it is not updated, you can find a different version here: https://www.telework.ro/

    If you still want the old version, please let me know and I send it to you by email.

  2. Harvie

    Where can I find your “In Memoriam – Light a candle!” script?
    We would like to use for a dog rescue.
    Thank you.

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