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Short tips on publishing your articles on WordPress

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Password protection: Do you want to share something with some people, but not anyone? Easy, protect the item with a password.

Article’s Permalink: If you want nice permalinks on your site, you can set the link for each article using the article’s Permalink.

Schedule your publications: You can write an article today and expect it to appear at a future date automatically.

Multi-page article: If your article is too long, cut it into several pages so that the reader does not have to scroll the item indefinitely.

Uploading files and images: You can upload files and images, then create links or display in your articles. You even have the choice to create thumbnails for your images while uploading.

Categories: Organize items into categories, subcategories, sub-subcategories …

Emoticons: WordPress is smart enough to convert smileys, like “:)” in graphic equivalent.

Saving drafts: Save your unfinished articles, complete them later and publish them when they are ready.

Preview: Before pressing the “Publish” button, you can have a preview of the article you have just written to check that everything is as you wish. In fact, you can do so at any time since the preview is “live”.

Office tools: You are not required to use a browser to update your weblog, you can use blog tools that can manage MetaWeblog’s or Blogger’s API.

Post by email: You can send your articles by email for publication on your blog.

Bookmarklets: Add the shortcut “Press It!” that WordPress provides to your browser to create an article with a link to the current page!

Side panel: If you do not like the bookmarklet, use the side panel in the same way.

Formatting: Think of WordPress as something enjoyable making your words and your pages more attractive. WordPress comes with text formatting plugins that enrich your content and manages the typography of your articles.

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