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Television versus Internet in advertising

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  • mass media

  • TV and Internet gain audience by the speed of information transmission

  • TV and the Internet survive by selling advertising between different varieties of provided information

  • TV and the Internet provide the consumers show, besides information, so they have a well-defined entertainmentcomponent

  • TV and the Internet directly sell products: TV by teleshopping, Internet by virtual stores, both using the postal service for home delivery

  • TV and the Internet are electronic based, and use the screen image as a means of communication

  • TV and internet are time-consuming.


  • TV does not store information, Internet stores – Internet message reaches more quicklythe recipient than the TV message

  • Internet target can be more accurate than the TVtarget

  • TV picture quality is inferior to Internetimage quality

  • TV costs are much higher than the costs of Internet

  • amount of information from Internet is greater that the volume of information transmitted from TV per unit time

  • TV emphasis on celebrities, the Internet does not

  • Internet trade initiatives are more productive than the TV

  • unit of advertising is much cheaper on the Internet than on TV

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