Mr. Nicolae Sfetcu has been worked for SC TECNO COFFEE SRL as employed by SC MULTIMEDIA SRL and as a freelance translator, web developer and Internet marketer, from April 2013. His work as translator includes translating technical articles and documentation, from English into Romanian, editing materials and preparing these for publication, cross-cultural adaptation of marketing and media texts. He translated more than 800.000 words for our company, from English into Romanian. While an excellent all-around translator, Mr. Nicolae Sfetcu possesses special expertise in such subjects as industry, marketing, advertising, and media. He is also capable of translating technical documentation. Mr. Nicolae Sfetcu is a very hard-working, qualified and motivated professional. The accuracy of his translations and the ability to work under deadline pressure deserve a special mentioning.

Roberto De Bortoli - Administrator, Tecno Coffee SRL, Bucharest, Romania

A perfect collaboration for editing and publishing my books in print and digital editions. Editing prices much lower than traditional publishers, zero cost for publication. And the advantage to spread my message and sell the book in the most remote corners of the world. Thank you!

Doina Cotfas - Writer, Topliţa, Romania

Migrating from an older version of Joomla to a WordPress site with 80,000 articles, tens of thousands of images, 4 languages ​​(Romanian, English, French and German), and an online bookstore for printed books, was not an easy task. MultiMedia SRL succeeded, creating a site with a nice design and an intuitive interface for our visitors. In addition, we have developed a library with digital books. There were many requests from many directions, and MultiMedia succeeded in meeting all the requirements. Currently we are working togerther for the technical maintenance of the site, and the support provided is prompt and of excellent quality.

Ioana Boca - Executive Director, Civic Academy Foundation Bucharest, The Memorial of the Victims of Communism and of the Resistance

It’s perfect the cover designed by you! I love her! The book is very nicely edited. I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Ștefania-Ionela Cobzaru - Writer, Bucharest

Our company, ENSOLA PRO SRL, began collaborating with MultimMedia SRL earlier this year to launch the new website of the company. MultiMedia company, as a provider of web design, proved their professional competence, reliability, efficiency and flexibility. Throughout the artwork for the site preparation, MultiMedia representatives offered us support, ideas, proposals, consultancy for obtaining a professional and easily accessible site. The professionalism and the respect for customera recommended SC MultiMedia SRL as a reliable partner for cooperation in the field of web design.

Ensola Team - Ensola Pro SRL, Bucharest, Romania

I was helped by MultiMedia SRL to publish several books (such as “Fascination of the mysteries,” “The hope of immortality”, etc.) – by editing, cover design, distribution in virtual bookstores, and I can not fail to notice the professionalism, promptness and kindness I was honored and for which I am particularly grateful. Of course I’ll continue to work with this company …

Constantin M. N. Borcia - Writer, Physicist, Doctor of Chemistry, Bucharest, Romania

We highly recommend Mr. Nicolae Sfetcu, MultiMedia SRL, as a translator from English into Romanian. Mr. Nicolae Sfetcu translated technical articles and documentation for our company, more than 200,000 words in 2014, from English into Romanian. Mr. Nicolae Sfetcu has proven himself to be not only a skilled translator, but also a wise and ethical partner in general. Mr. Nicolae Sfetcu is more than capable as translator, and has done nothing but better her work environment while we’ve cooperate with him. We are greatly pleased to recommend such an impressive and qualified translator.

Vali Borcos - Manager, Boston VF SRL, Timișoara, Romania

Sincere thanks for your effort in publishing these books (”Moreni, a Century of Oil, 1900-2000”, and ”Moreni 2002, Moments in History”), you have done a great job !!!

Vasile Dragomir - Eng. Vasile Dragomir, Moreni, Romania

Thank you for the splendid cover. It corresponds perfectly with the image on the reverse side, you have a special inspiration. And Top Books looks great, it is practical and useful for shoppers. Very valuable, what you do.

Michael Riche-Villmont - Writer; Romania