The Fir

fir1There was a small tree that dreamed of being a ship’s mast to travel and see the world.

When he was great, it was felt, stripped of its bark, and he became, according to his wish, the mainmast of a frigate.

But he was bored because of the length and monotony of crossings.

“Ah!” he said, “what good it was in my native forest! I had moss at my feet and sometimes nests in my branches; and the children gathered my needles, and often they danced singing around my trunk. And now I am dry, naked and alone. Ah! had I known! If only I had been greased pole!”

And he sighed so loudly that all the ropes creaked.

But at this point a flight of swallows passed over the sea.

They came from countries of the North and went to Egypt.

They descended on the ship and landed on the mast, they almost completely covered with their wings. The mast even hear their little hearts beat, and brushed the feathers were as a rustle of leaves.

He listened to what they said to each other. They just spoke of his country, where they came from. And poor tree felt so happy, he fell asleep in imagining that he had been taken back to his forest.


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