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To ban the Spirit


More and more countries, governmental departments and companies start banning the most influential social networks. It starts with YouTube (Beijing, Thailand, Morocco, Australia, US governmental departments, etc.), MySpace, Facebook, and some days ago, in accordance with Mashable, Twitter, banned by the United Arab Emirates.


The official reason of this ban is “due to its content being inconsistent with the religious, cultural, political and moral values of the United Arab Emirates“.

Is it possible to ban all these social networks, and other smaller networks? In principle, yes. Is it efficient for the institutions that initiated this ban? Absolutely sure, no. Because they try to ban a spirit, not just an access to an information. And the spirit cannot be banned. It can avoided or discredited, but it cannot be banned. Even more, any thing that is banned become much more attractive for the people than before. Just think to the Bible, maybe now Adam and Eve would be still in heaven if God didn’t try to ban the access to the apple. Maybe the Christianity would not been so propagated if the Romans wouldn’t ban it.

Same with the bad events in history: maybe it would was possible to avoid it more efficient if there would was an explanation and not a ban.

Every ban gives birth to new partisans of the banned idea.

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