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Unusual sale items on eBay

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EBay_former_logo.svgIn June 2005, Karolyne Smith sold the right to permanently tattoo an ad on her forehead to GoldenPalace.com for $10,000.

In May 2005, a Volkswagen Golf that had previously been registered to Cardinal Josef Ratzinger (who had been elected Pope Benedict XVI the previous month) was sold on eBay’s German site for €188,938.88. The winning bid was made by the GoldenPalace.com online casino, known for their outrageous eBay purchases. 

In 2004, a Seattle man posted pictures of himself wearing his ex-wife’s wedding dress. In more than one way, the seller received much more than he expected. While he initially admitted he was selling the dress to earn some money for Mariners tickets, the bidding got into the thousands of dollars, and the seller actually had received a number of marriage proposals from viewers.

In September 2004, the owner of MagicGoat.com sold the contents of his trash can to a middle school language arts teacher, who had her students write essays about the trash.

There was at one point an auction for the first ride on Kingda Ka, the tallest roller coaster on Earth. The winning bid was $1691.66, and the winner rode in the front seat.

On November 23, 2004, a grilled cheese sandwich with a likeness of the Virgin Mary on it sold for $28,000 to the online casino GoldenPalace.com. The seller claimed to see the Virgin Mary toasted into the bread when she made the sandwitch in 1994. She promptly sealed it in a plastic bag where it remained, free of mold, for over 10 years until it’s sale on eBay.

A Sydney man pocketed AUS$1,035 after auctioning a piece of Nutri-Grain resembling ET, in Dec 2004.

A 50,000-year-old mammoth. With a minimum bid set at US $250,000. Max was put up for sale in 2004 by his Dutch owner due to lack of space and sold for £61,000. A bargain considering he was one of the five best and most complete mammoth skeletons in the world, consisting of 90% of his original bone material.

The owner of Cockeyed.com sold advertising space comprising a single pixel on its homepage for 21 days for $100

An incomplete package of diapers, bought and opened in the 1980s, raised more than $700US for the Children and Families Ministry at a United Church in Victoria, British Columbia (Canada).

Water that was said to have been left in a cup Elvis Presley once drank from was sold for $455. The few tablespoons came from a plastic cup Presley sipped at a concert in North Carolina in 1977.

A Coventry University student got £1.20p for a single cornflake.

For $100, a man said that he would take a pair of jean his girlfriend made, and shoot them, and drag them behing his tractor, with a fee per shot/starting up the tractor. The item failed to sell.

An European buyer sold an Vauxhall VX220 that was said to be baptized.

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