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WordPress, the Blog

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Archives and Research

Archiving: After a long period of publication, it is important that your articles are well organized. WordPress offers many options to display the archive of your old articles. You can choose to present your archives by year, month, day, week, category or author, and easily post links to these archive pages from your home page (or any other page) of your weblog using models of tags to generate these links. Since WordPress generates pages dynamically, these archived pages will not take up more space on your server.

Search: WordPress includes a search engine that allows your visitors to search your weblog according to their search criteria, and the search-hilite plugin that comes standard allows highlighting search terms to help your visitors find them. Moreover, the plugin works the same way when a visitor arrives from a search engine like Google result by highlighting search terms. Finally, research is fun, with WordPress.

Discussion and comments

Building community: WordPress is not a hostel, but it helps to build a community around weblogs, through the use of comments, trackback and pingback, allowing you to stay in touch with the public and stimulate friendship.

HTML tags allowed: The devil is not everywhere, but you can keep away malicious people deciding whether or not HTML tags are “parasites” on your weblog. All HTML tags allowed by default on WordPress is a reasonable choice to allow your visitors to use html in their comments, without compromising the safety of your data or your server.

Moderation: To avoid paranoid, WordPress offers a variety of moderation options you can choose to moderate

  • all comments before they are visible
  • comments containing specific words
  • comments posted from specific IP addresses
  • comments containing more links than the limit that you authorize.

All these moderation options allow you to keep an eye on spammers and vandals.

Notification: WordPress can send you an email with each new comment or each moderation awaiting validation, as you stay “in the loop”.

Creating and Managing a Blogroll

Blogroll: The blogroll is the space where you place links to blogs you read regularly – a nice way to display the blogs that you feel good. The WordPress Links manager allows you to create and manage these links effortlessly.

Bookmarklet: Simplicity begins with a stylish bookmarklet (script launched from the Favorites or Links bar) that you can add to your favorite. Add a link to a blog or an interesting site is as simple as clicking the favorite to visit this site.

Organize: Links can be sorted and neatly organized.

Import: If you already have a link list in an OPML file, you can import it into your WordPress blog. For users of other blog engines, this means that you can import your blogroll from Blogrolling.com and not having to use a third party service to manage your blogroll.

Export: You can export an OPML file with a list of your links.

Viewing: You have at your disposal models of tags to display your blogroll to your taste – alphabetically, by evaluation, by update.

Translated from wordpress.org

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