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Yahoo! web-based media player for your mp3 files

Yahoo!Yahoo! just launched these days a beta version for a very interesting browser-based player. With just a line of Javascript code embedded in your web page it is possible to play any mp3 file from any web site. The documentation is a a public wiki.

You can set the image Yahoo! uses for album art. You can control the playlist sequence. You can tell the song title. You can operate in strict mode or quirks mode.

The player knits all the songs in the page together so that they play one after the other. The result is continuous play within the hosting web page.

TechCrunch consider it “a good thing”, while Podcasting News says that the Yahoo’s player is, in fact, a duplicate of the common existing Flash players, there is no need to use an intermediate between your content and your audience, and especially do not have to trust Yahoo! that killed their own podcast portal before.

In my opinion, Podcasting News are wrong this time. As Yahoo! tells us on the public documentation, “Although it was created by Yahoo!, [the player] is not owned or operated by Yahoo! Yahoo! created a wiki to give independent developers a central location to meet up. It made the wiki independent in order to foster a genuine community.”

See an example with this ballade.

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