Affiliate Marketing enables you to increase online sales by promoting your products and services through a network of Affiliate sites on a payment-by-results basis.

It also provides the opportunity to generate additional revenue by exploiting your site’s own content to promote the products and services of other online Merchants.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

A Merchant recruits content sites to partner with them as Affiliates in exchange for commissions.

The Merchant provides their advertising banners and links to their Affiliates and assigns a commission for each click-through to their site, subscription to their service, or purchase of their products that is generated from those links.

Affiliates place the tracking code for these ads and links on their Web sites. This allows click-throughs to be tracked online and commissions to be calculated.

If a product or service is purchased, the customer pays the Merchant directly and the Affiliate is paid a commission for that transaction.


Affiliate Announcement Service

Your site must have an affiliate software program or in the process of establishing one to use this service.  I can install it for you, promote it, and manually place your affiliate program to the affiliate directories.  These directories are highly visited by webmasters looking for opportunities to increase their bottom line.

Affiliate Program Software

This affiliate program software is installed on your server and integrated with your website to track visitors, sales, commissions and can even be used to track the effectiveness of banner advertising.  Companies and affiliates sign up for your affiliate program and place your banner ad or link on their website.  From here this link or banner will then track all the sales generated by the affiliate so you will easily know how much to pay out in commissions.  You can determine the percentage as this program can be customized to your needs.  Affiliate programs are what have helped generate thousands of dollars in sales for, and many other leaders in e-commerce.

Imagine hundreds of thousands of sales people working for you and only paying them when they produce results.  That is smart marketing!

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