Articles & Press Release

Important Adjuncts to Company Promotions and Marketing

Articles and Press Releases can be created for almost everything related to your company and it’s products. These can be published as well as added to your Web Site. They not only serve to get your announcements presented but add to the credibility and confidence people will have in your company and it’s products and services.

We can assist or totally complete any Press Release for your company – from writing the copy, placing it in Newspapers and adding the Releases to your Web Site.

With increasing reliance being placed on the Web as a marketing communications medium, it is vital that every effective method of brand building and traffic generation is fully used in order to maintain competitive advantage.

Online PR is concerned with promoting your site ‘in context’ within third-party content exposed to your target audience. Its purpose is to legitimize your business in the minds of potential customers; to educate the marketplace about your products and services; and to project an image of market leadership and long-term sustainability.

It also has an important role to play in supporting search engine positioning activity by increasing the number of relevant incoming links a site receives.

Particularly when compared to banner advertising, Online PR has a number of key advantages:

  • New editorial content is always in great demand.
  • Editorial content is generally regarded as ‘trustworthy’.
  • Association with editorial content implies ‘endorsement’.
  • Higher click-through (response) rates.

Depending on your objectives and target audience, an Online PR campaign can include:

  • Media research and planning.
  • Market research and intelligence gathering.
  • Authoring E-mail Press Releases and Editorial Features.
  • Distribution to Romanian/European/Global media contacts.
  • Media monitoring and reporting.
  • Discussion Community monitoring and participation
    • Newsgroups
    • Discussion Forums
    • Mailing Lists
  • Viral marketing.
  • Online Events & Competitions


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