We include the following elements in the Website Package:

  • Aditional specific content

  • Links to external pages

  • Custom Graphics Package

  • Photos and other misc. graphic images

  • Installation of webpages on the client’s web hosting service

  • Updates and changes to existing webpages

  • Site publicity to at least a dozen major Web search engines

  • Feedback and interactive pages

  • A specific Directory, including the possibility to add new links on a reciprocal base

  • A section of download for specific applications, eventually in affiliation with complementary companies

  • Guides and tutorials for specific content

  • One or more web forums for visitors

  • Links to complementary partners

  • Additional information of specific interest

  • News from domain

  • Articles on specific content (original articles will be paid separately)

  • FAQ section

  • Create Best Content Awards for the sites considered to be the best in this domain

  • Regional features It will be taken into consideration some regional features provided by the client

  • Other useful information. This info will be establish after the first documentation and in time, depending of the feedback of the visitors

  • Other sections added during the design and exploitation of the site, depending on the specific needs of the visitors that will be found by online survey and contests

Web Hosting

The client understands that any web hosting services require a separate contract with a web hosting service. The client agrees to select a web hosting service which allows me full access to the website, specific features, min. 1 GB, ftp access and pop and smtp email access, or to use our services for web hosting


The client can use our translation services for a bilingual or multilingual website. The quote for the translation is $0.05 US per word.

Standard Number of pages of the website: 50 pages

Duration of execution: 1 month

Standard Price: $700 US

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