Website Programming Optimization

This includes meta tag development, text revisions, and other changes that we submit to your website designer for implementation. This is essential to optimize your website prior to submitting to the search engines.

Monthly Submissions

Your registration goes to the top 600+ search engines, directories, and award sites in your business category.  This number can vary due to website topic, but I do my best to put your business on as many as possible.  This will reach both a general and a specific target audience.

Submissions to the major engines are all done manually.

Monthly Submissions and Statistical Traffic Reporting

This includes re-registration to 600+ (this number can vary depending on website topic) search engines.  In addition, I monitor your rankings on the top search engines.

I then provide statistical traffic reporting which gives the following information:

  • Number of visitors

  • Where your visitors are coming from

  • Most viewed pages

  • Least view pages

  • Most active day of the week

  • Most active time of the day

  • Browser version of visitor

  • Keywords in search engines entered

Some of the statistical traffic reporting information collected above can vary depending upon your server’s log files.  In addition, extra fees may apply if your logs become too large. This report is viewable as a web page you can visit every month to track your progress and visitors!

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