Email marketing

e-Mail has long been described as the Internet’s ‘Killer Application’ because of its reach, speed, simplicity and its unique style of one-to-one communication.

Some of the key advantages of E-mail Marketing are:

  • Response (clickthrough) rates typically 10-20%.

  • Easily reach niche target audiences.

  • Customized one-to-many distribution.

  • One-to-one relationship with each recipient.

  • More cost-effective than traditional direct mail.

  • Rapid speed of response.

My E-mail Marketing services include:

  • In-house Newsletter/Mailing list management.

  • Third-party mailing list buying and management.

  • Response Management.

  • Newsletter/Mailing list Content Provision.

  • Provision of Branded E-mail, etc.

Targeted Direct E-mail Service

Opt-In e-mail is an effective and inexpensive method for building web site traffic. An e-mail newsletter (E-Zine) or advertisement is delivered via e-mail to a targeted list of subscribers who have indicated they would like to receive e-mail on topics of their interest.

I can build, deliver and manage your targeted direct e-mail list. I feel confident that I can help you generate more web site traffic and increase your revenue, while, at the same time, delivering added value to your visitors by bringing them special offers and discounts on product and services of interest. I only deliver 100% opt-in e-mail lists.

E-mail List Rental

Hit your target market with 100% opt-in e-mail. Your advertisement or newsletter can be up to 100 lines long and is sent individually without any other ads included.

Lists are not directly for sale. The cost to use any of these lists includes having your message delivered to the list you are renting. Each mailing is a one-time distribution of your message.

E-mail List Delivery and Management

You supply your customer or subscriber list, and I’ll do the hassle free delivery. Your message can be up to 100 lines long and is sent individually – with no other ads included. I test your message to see how it will look before we mail. All bounced mailings and unsubscribes are handled automatically.

I Write Direct E-mail Copy That Sells

You can provide the ad copy or newsletter text, or I can develop your internet specific message. When I create the ad copy, you need to provide me with basic information regarding your product, service or offering. I will compose an effective ad with an appropriate subject line that makes your product or service both apparent and enticing.

Programs I Can Implement for Your Site

  • Create interactive pages to collect E-Mail addresses

  • Send Newsletters to your customers

  • Write Newsletters for your E-Mailings

  • E-Mail notices of Site changes or product/service announcements

  • Capture the E-Mail addresses of Site visitors

  • Sent thank you E-mails to Site visitors

  • Obtain E-Mail addresses for targeted marketing

E-mail may be integrated into many of your marketing activities. I can review your marketing plans, products and services and set up an appropriate E-Mail program for you.

If you have a reputable product or service that you would like to market on the Internet for a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising, contact me today.


Responsible Opt-In Emailing Services
These target audiences consist of individuals subscribing to information regarding your topic.  Pricing can vary.  If you are interested in doing an opt-in emailing, let me know, and we will find just the right mailing list to increase your bottom line.

E-mail List Rental
You can rent mz lists, including list rental, e-mail delivery and merge/purge.
Large volume discounts available.

E-mail List Delivery and Management
Set-up cost and list maintenance

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