We provide complete assistance for foreign businessmen:

  • interpreters
  • hotel and conference room reservation
  • transport reservation
  • complete information support (e.g. business information on prospective partners, local customs, cultural specifications etc.)
  • business trip scheduling for local meetings
  • initial local contacts search and setting
  • assistance in initial negotiations
  • initial business representation

We will provide complete assistance while you are visiting Romania, from arrival to departure. We will help to deal with localities, including cultural and business environment. We will give you complete support, not to be left alone in unknown foreign country.

We also offer gathering of information on your behalf prior the arrival to Romania and compilation of visit reports or any other information after your departure.

Our services may even replace your visit: we will do the job on site instead.

We provide summaries and analytical insights of Romanian media on continuous basis:

  • political
  • economic and financial
  • legal
  • actualities and current events

Research and analyze:

  • Up-to-date political, economic and financial information;
  • Product/financial markets research and analysis
  • Business/competition environment research and analysis
  • Country and local market information support for foreign companies in Romania at the early stages of operation activities

Projects and Funds

We can help you find money for your projects. We have access to the latest sources of government and private funding. We will conduct in-depth research to find the grants you are qualified for, write a complete application and administer the grants as needed. Depend on us to give you an edge by finding the hard to find money.

We can help you write and prepare your next proposal. We will help in the research process, and then transform chaotic information into organized, understandable text. We also understand that graphics and layout are essential to communicating in today’s business world. Using all the tools at our disposal, we will help you create proposals that are designed with the reader in mind, grab attention and leave a memorable impression. We will get the results you’re looking for.

Internet Research and Documentation

Need assistance in researching a specific topic or writing your research/term paper?  Well, we are the men for you.  We are committed to assisting students, teachers, entrepreneurs and other professionals and businessmen with finding research on a specific topic or writing the research paper.  We are an effective time management tool.

Quality Assurance

  • Writing procedures, work instructions, manuals
  • Process Flow Charts
  • Organization Charts


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