Web services are the heart of modern business development, part of the successful campaigns and business strategies. Web services provide interactivity measurable and tangible results designed to meet the needs of today’s consumers. I provide custom designed web solutions for your business and marketing objectives.

My custom web solutions promise to provide value, enabling companies to gain a competitive advantage, greater market share, revenue growth, a better image, and reduce advertising costs. I understand that in today’s complex environment, companies need, in order to to secure their position in the industry, the most effective tools for their sites.

I use the latest techniques and technologies to design and deliver professional web solutions, tailored to your needs. My goal is to achieve your marketing objectives to attract potential targeted quality customers, generating sales for your organization.

Every business has unique features, that can be harnessed to provide your business a competitive edge needed to succeed now and in the future.

Web design

Web design is a highly used technique to engage online visitors, and I possess recognized skills in designing web sites efficient and user-friendly interface. I work closely with each client, from consultation to implementation and ensure fulfillment of the specific needs by providing tailored solutions.

My web site design solutions focuses on site functionality and its aesthetic value and include an entertaining, informative and attractive interface, which encourages users’ interest and convert them into customers.

My web design process consists of eight stages: consultation, research, analysis, planning, innovation, architecture, implementation and monitoring.

Web development

I am aware that online business success is due to a quality web development process implementing advanced techniques. I can create and manage areas of content development, architecture and site structure, programming, and security to ensure that your site meets the needs of consumers.

My web development solutions are tailored to your business needs and offers complete, turnkey solutions. My web development process focuses on analysis, strategy, architecture, developing, deploying, positioning and web site monitoring, and provides modules for your business gains the maximum exposure in the target market.

Online marketing

I recognize the importance of proper analysis and planning of online marketing, implementing strategies to help companies develop. My strategy will facilitate online marketing customer engagement and promote products and services through techniques such as search engine optimization (SEO), e-commerce, etc.

With an extensive portfolio of clients, and modern technology and expertise in online marketing, I have credibility, experience and knowledge of marketing to ensure maximum potential for your online business.

My online marketing strategy includes researching and analysis, project planning, innovation, design and implementation to ensure that the best solution is offered for your business.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Worldwide, millions of consumers search the Internet daily for product information before buying. Over 80 percent of them are looking through Google. Search engine marketing is the most successful marketing type. My technology of search engine optimization helps websites get top positions in Google searches.

My SEO system ensures a top position in the business, at the top of search results with Google for specific ketwords, increasing traffic directed to your site, obtained as a result of queries.

With my SEO solutions I can ensure top ranking in Google searches for keywords relevant to your product, company or industry, attracting quality visitors and gaining business credibility by positioning as the industry leader.


This method of shopping has become prominent in modern businesses. An ecommerce solution is vital for success in modern business, the Internet is now the preferred resource for consumers browsing and comparison as well as a growing medium for purchase.

My e-commerce solutions complement the processes and sale systems, providing reliable web environment, simple and secure online sales. My e-commerce systems offers customers a technologically advanced system, but conveniently purchase, which simplifies the customizedprocess of buying and selling.

It ensures customer return using a friendly online store, well-designed network infrastructure and fast and reliable functionality. I can customize reliable, easy to use, functional, and easily adaptable e-commerce solutions, with high conversion in an active website for profitable business.

Mobile-friendly design and marketing

The mobile phone is quickly becoming a popular marketing tool for our century, available for both marketing and advertising, to rapidly deliver the marketing message. Mobile marketing offers an effective alternative to traditional marketing, and can reach target audiences through a click of a button.

Mobile web design and marketing can ensure that communications are seen and heard by the target audience. I can create mobile marketing solutions, as web site is designed carefully for maximum conversion.

My techniques include customized mobile marketing media mobile solutions, integrated mobile marketing campaigns, mobile site design and development applications, mobile database optimization, marketing communications and brand, MMS, and smart phone applications.


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