Certified translator in/from English, French and Romanian.

Other languages available upon request

I am a native Romanian speaker with over 30 years of English and French experience.

My service will provide you with more than a translation, I will give you the cultural advantage.

I am highly qualified language professional. My specializations includes almost all the fields.

I provide the expertise you require to conduct business without barriers.

  • English and French language

  • Reliable translation of personal and business documents

  • Prompt estimates e-mailed directly to you

  • Very competitive pricing without compromising quality

Main Fields of Translation

  • Successful Web Pages

  • Foreign Language Advertising

  • Language Instruction and Cultural Consulting

  • Multimedia and Software Localization


You will never pay a minimum charge for any translation.  Standard service is 5 cents per word.

Translation Services

  • Precise translations that are easy to understand and interpret

  • Professional editing and formatting at no additional cost

  • Accurate reflection of the original cultural tone

Why use my services?

You need to know your documents are respected and valuable.  You must be able to trust that the translation is accurate and true to the original language;  otherwise, it could be a disaster for my business or personal relationships.

I will transform your concerns into your success.  I am language expert and businessmen, so I will exceed your expectations both in the translation and beyond it.

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