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MultiMedia Network is one of the most complex integrated network of Internet resources for the dissemination of information and advertising, with more than 360 paid and free hosting web sites, social media pages and groups, mailing lists and newsletters.

The average areas of the visitors:

  • Romania: 20%
  • USA: 40% (more than 75% for the gambling websites)
  • Europe: 20%
  • Australia: 10%
  • Asia: 5%
  • other: 5%

The main categories of the visitors

  • IT: 20%
  • business: 25%
  • engineering: 10%
  • science: 20%
  • gambling: 10%
  • recreation: 10%
  • others: 5%

MultiMedia Network will develop or expand your internet presence and drive traffic through your front door. As the authoritative guide to IT and communication, engineering and business opportunities in Romania and worldwide, we help you reach active, online customers.

Banner ads on MultiMedia Network provide a link to your websites. In order to optimize your banner campaign, we work with you to track your ad’s performance and target the most promising users. Banner placement can either be targeted by category or displayed throughout the site.

Content Targeting

Targeting your advertising message to the right audience is one of the advantages of internet advertising. At MultiMedia Network, you can place banner advertising in related content areas that reflect the demographic profile of your targeted audience. You may also choose multiple placement options, use separate banners for each area and link each banner to separate locations within your web site or web infomercial.

If you need a complex marketing campaign to use the MultiMedia Network as well as our experience and knowledge in performing complex actions such as optimization for and submission to search engines and directories, reciprocal links and banner exchange, email marketing, e-books, CDs, awards a.s.o., as well as special marketing and promotion campaigns, CONTACT US

Advertising Contact

To arrange a convenient meeting time to answer your questions about the MultiMedia Network, please contact.

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