Network Solutions

With our specialized expertise in consulting, network installation, network admin, network monitoring, and customer support, you’ll find it easier to leverage the flexibility of your network to build solutions that work now and adapt easily to future conditions. Whether you measure your systems in terms of creation of new value, return on investment, total cost of ownership, or competitive advantage, MultiMedia deliver results.

Network Consulting & Design

Our cost-effective consulting and design services are aimed at helping organizations implement and manage networks to meet evolving business objectives.

Network Integration & Installation

Our Network Integration and Installation Services are designed to meet a customer’s most demanding requirements — on time, on budget and with the exact technology needed to achieve a company’s current goals and support its future growth.

Network Management Services

Look to MultiMedia for comprehensive services that help manage the development and evolution of your network system. We will design a network management program to meet your specific needs today and tomorrow.

Network Auditing & Documentation

A variety of auditing and documentation services are offered to provide the reliable data needed by managers with fiscal and operational responsibilities. MultiMedia helps you maintain high-quality system performance.

Project Management

Our LAN/WAN Project Planning services provide effective ways to ensure network success. These services employ cross lifecycle modeling to deliver a global perspective of your project — its goals, effect on current architecture, resource requirements and costs. This combined with our exclusive methodologies gives us the competitive and proven technique to manage LAN/WAN projects of any size.

Network Administration Services

Our network administration services focus on maximizing productivity and lowering the costs associated with your existing network infrastructure. We support your staff by providing personalized assistance with tasks such as adding users to e-mail and maintaining password security.

Intranet Solutions

An Intranet is a tool that uses Internet technologies and facilitates communication and application sharing among multiple locations, platforms and databases across an organization. The advent of the World Wide Web has brought about easy access to information for everybody. Intranet has done the same but within an organization- Intranet enables:

  • Increased efficiency within the company

  • Reduced paper work

  • Reduced costs

  • Increased transparency within an organization

  • Gives business a tool to be more competitive

The global business community has recognized the value and strategic importance of knowledge management and Intranet provides a very easy and cost effective way of doing that. Also the returns on investments on an Intranet have been upwards of 50 percent, and in some cases even 1500 percent.

Extranet Solutions

An Extranet is just an extension of an Intranet. When an organization opens its Intranet to its vendors, suppliers, shareholders etc. it is called an Extranet. An extranet enables:

  • Samples integration of the company with its suppliers, vendors and related entitles.

  • Reduced cost of transactions between the organization and its various entities.

  • Reduced time to market new products

Extranets have been extensively used by various organizations. Also an Extranet leverages existing infrastructure and investments and hence the cost of implementation is quite low as compared to a proprietary system.

Other Services

  • network design
  • network setup and installation (including wiring)
  • domains, servers, shared resources configuration
  • hardware and software configuration for any protocol or platform
  • security and privacy policies
  • admin and users personnel training (providing)
  • design and implementation for file, mail, proxy servers
  • design implementation and content for ftp, web servers
  • DNS configuration

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