Digital business in the fields of computer and the Internet, as well as hardware manufacturing, are interdependent, and together connects us with the information and tools needed to access them.

Mobile, test speed, Apple, games, Microsoft, and all common search terms typed usually in search engines like Google, must first exist and be available to be found by a search engine. A news aggregator is possible to have more traffic than the sites to which the sources of the individual companies but is less than the total traffic of all reference websites. A Web surfer that uses high-speed access, laptops, desktops and computer hardware, is not always an English speaking person. In fact, only 27% of Internet traffic are English-speaking people. What about the other 73%? The translation services offered by me help you expand your promotion for other languages used on the Internet.

My translation services are quick and accurate so that your communication with customers and partners is very well understood. The localization is an integral part of my translation service.

As with all translation services, the key to getting a more accurate translations in computing and Internet is to use a proper translation. I excel in translations of these areas for many years.

Access to the Internet enables communication in all languages, but without a proper translation misunderstandings are inevitable. If your business needs a message, precise, proper and fast in Romanian or French language, I can translate such documents or websites for you.

Contact me to discuss the options and price for translation. Use the online form or contact us by e-mail, to establish a no-obligation consultation.


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