It could be you already have a great web site that has been up for the past couple of years that says everything you want to say about yourself and your communities.

  Everything’s great except it’s outdated.

What can you do? 

A couple of comments:

  • Once you have a web site you must be committed to keeping it up to date.  Nothing reflects so badly on a builder than having a web site that looks amateurish or is seriously out-of-date.

  • It is true most web designers like to create new web sites, not maintain older work (too boring)

I want your business and I realize that if I demonstrate to you the value of a well-designed and maintained web site you will become my client over the long-term and we will both prosper.

Web Site Promotion Strategy

It used to be you built your web site, listed it on search engines and that was about it. Or, maybe you did some banner advertising and listed your site on one of the large new home search sites.

I have a number of programs to meet your web advertising and marketing needs.  All are focused on managing your brand on the web and bringing traffic to your community.  Some of the activities include:

  • Periodic search engine ranking optimization

  • New home search engine placement, maintenance and analysis

  • Banner ad placement

  • Hit reporting and analysis

  • Advertising coordination audit (both traditional and on-line)

  • Listing on proprietary new home search engines


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