Integrated Internet Marketing Services

Integrated Internet Marketing Services

Internet marketing is the use of the Web to advertise and sell goods, services, to promote ideas, and for branding services. It consists of online advertising, banner ads, e-mail advertising and marketing, search engine marketing (including search engine optimization), weblog marketing and advertising, and post advertising, etc. A particular kind of Internet marketing may be the so-called video advertising .

One of the principal positive aspects of Internet marketing over standard advertising and marketing activities, for instance print and television, could be the measurability of marketing effect.

Internet marketing is usually a component of electronic commerce. Internet advertising and marketing can include things like info management, public relations, customer service, and sales. Electronic commerce and Web promoting have become well-known as Web access is becoming more broadly obtainable and utilized. An increased number of buyers who have Internet access at home report applying the online stores to purchases items.

Online advertising first began within the early 1990s as uncomplicated, text-based internet sites that supplied item info. It then evolved into full ads with graphics. One of the most recent step within this evolution was the creation of total online firms that make use of the World wide web to promote and sell their solutions and goods.

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World-wide-web advertising and marketing is associated with several business enterprise models. The major models use business-to-business and business-to-consumer solutions. B2B consists of organizations undertaking business enterprise with each other, whereas B2C requires selling directly to the final customer. When online advertising and marketing first began, the B2C model was the first to emerge. B2B transactions had been extra complicated and came about later. A third, significantly less typical company model is peer-to-peer (P2P), where people exchange goods in between themselves.

Web marketing also can be noticed in various formats. One version is name-your-price. With this format, shoppers are in a position to state what price tag variety they wish to spend and then choose from products at that value range. With find-the-best-price websites, online users can search for the lowest rates on things. Another format is online auctions, where buyers bid on listed things.

A number of the advantages connected with online promoting include the availability of data. Customers can log online, learn about products and services, and purchase it, at any hour, 24/7. Companies that use Web marketing may also save funds because of smaller expenses for sale departments. Overall, World wide web marketing and advertising can help expand from a local marketplace to each national and international marketplaces.

Banner marketing

The circuit of conventional online advertising within the type of banners, pop ups and layer ads, which will draw focus for the solutions and items of advertisers.

Online video marketing

Video marketing offers advertising in audio-visual formats, in a manner and efficiency comparable with television commercials.

Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) is a service to increase the visibility on Internet of a specific website on search engine results pages. Search engine marketing entails search engine advertising (SEA) and search engine optimization (SEO).

Search Engine Advertising is the inclusion of paid advertisements in search engine results pages. The ads will appear automatically within the rule as the initially results of a search results page, also on the right side or bottom of a results page. They are marked in accordance with design elements, which include the color of the background. The main SEA systems are “Google AdWords” from Google, “Yahoo Search Marketing” from Yahoo!, and “Microsoft adCenter” from Microsoft Network, but there are other SEA systems for other search engines.

Search Engine Optimization is a service to improve the position of a website in organic (regardless of SEM ads) search results of a search engine. The service range from the optimization within the website and the domain name in their keywords, through to complex strategies (linking from other sites, comments and articles, for ex.). Most major search engines take also into consideration, for the resulting ranking in the organic search results of an website, its recognition in social media platforms, so that it overlaps with the social media optimization in search engine optimization.

E-mail marketing

Advertising through email, known as e-mail marketing, is the equivalent of direct marketing and advertising within the offline area, with the mailing of advertising materials.

The delivery of marketing via e-mail is subject to legal restrictions to avoid the spam and unsolicited emails, but the opt-in mailing lists and newsletters are very rfficient in Internet marketing.

Affiliate marketing

In affiliate marketing the advertising and marketing operator uses a variety of partners (affiliates) to market its service or item. Advantage would be the distribution of marketing expenses to many partners who are paid only for success. There are different versions of remuneration:

  • Pay per Lead : for the generation of consumer contact (eg subscription for a newsletter, mailing list, or to order a catalog)
  • Pay per Click : for every click on a link or banner displayed on the website or inside the e-mail of the affiliates.
  • Pay per Sale : for every sale that comes through the advertising campaign of the affiliate, a fixed amount or a percentage of the sales cost is paid.

Social Media Marketing

With Social Media Marketing (SMM), main interests are in branding and marketing communication through the participation of different social media offerings (as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, YouTube, etc). The targeted optimization of a website on the widest possible dissemination in social media networks is named Social Media Optimization (SMO).


With couponing, consumer acquisition and revenue growth is denoted by the sale of discount coupons.

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