With the emergence and development of e-book readers such as Amazon Kindle, Nook from Barnes & Noble, and Sony, it was developed new e-book formats.

Through the services we provide, we format and convert books in classic printed or electronic formats such as Word or PDF, in e-books, and then distribute them to all the biggest online store in the world, including Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Ingram, and Kobo.

Converting a document into an e-book requires manual editing and formatting to be read by special electronic devices, including e-book readers, computers, tablets, and mobile phones. If the original format of the book is on paper (printed book), we first performing a scan of the book, an image conversion results in text, and correction of the resulting text in digital format. We provide an attractive design for the books converted in electronic format.

There are the possibility of assigning an ISBN code (optional), a unique identification number for each book, which is required for its sale in some bookshops, and general records and digital information about the book, enabling all libraries to easily find the book . ISBN code can be assigned free of charge or at cost.

We convert the book into multiple e-book formats required by online stores, according to their specific instructions, as each library requires a certain format, although there is a standard format, EPUB respectively.

Then we will check the quality of resulted e-book obtained for all formats. We will check including by opening and reading it using appropriate readers, ensuring that converted files have a professional look. If you have a device for reading electronic books, you can make youself additional verification.

During conversion, we correct any errors that you find.

We can create attractive digital covers for electronic books. We can also translate books into other languages, especially in Romanian and French.

Electronic books resulted this way, we can distribute in the largest online stores, selling them directly or through online partners, based on a fix payment or a specific percentage.

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