The military industry needs tools and precise calculations, so translation services in this area must respect these values. Translation services should be accurate. I am a highly skilled and confidence expert to translate and localize documents and manuals for an area where mistakes are not allowed.

Defence industry often requires a certain level of confidentiality in handling information. I possess the necessary training for this purpose, and I can sign a confidentiality agreement when translating such documents. This procedure is not exclusive to the military, my translation services with confidentiality clauses apply to any documents containing sensitive information, including business, with an agreement not to disclose the information.

Translation in such cases must be perfect. Technical translations are my specialty, and I possess the necessary certifications in the military field, with a rich practical experience in the technical field. In this area it is important to use appropriate translators. I work in this field for over 20 years. My translations are by definition correct and accurate.

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