The goal of a company that uses the World Wide Web as a marketing and sales vehicle is to reach potential clients globally. This goal cannot be attained if most of your potential clients are unable to receive the corporate message. I bridge this communication gap.

The first step is to translate your web site. This step includes my comprehensive translation process. I am native speaker of the target Romanian language and I have in-depth knowledge of your particular industry. A database of corporate terminology specific to your company will be created and approved by the client, to insure consistency. I will go through several rounds of perfecting the text. Next, a third party will check the text for issues of cultural sensitivity. It will then be put through the preceding process until all of the involved language professionals agree on the completion of the project. I pay special attention to nuances and subtleties of each language to keep the message and the actual flavor of your text intact. This process will insure your World Wide Web marketing material will be equally effective in every language.

The second step is to develop the actual web site. The site can be reproduced to match its Romanian counterpart or I can create a practical, user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing site from scratch.

Localization and content maintenance of WWW sites

  • translation of the texts (also in HTML files)

  • preparation of the animations and images

  • modification of the ‘active’ elements (e.g. JavaScript)

  • regular updating of the client’s WWW site with translated materials

  • testing of the graphic layout and links on the WWW site


  1. Adams

    In fact, the only way to render great service is it have a site that works, a site that is properly translated into the local language for easy understanding. In that you must look for the quality of the company to deal with and the referral hints. All translation agencies are definitely not the same. Choose those with the reputation you can trust.

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