Google AdWords

Use Google’s advertising network

Including in promoting through this network:

  • Google AdWords account creation

  • Analysis of key words specific to your book

  • Creating unique AdWords ad groups. Each ad group will have 3-6 specific keywords

  • Design revisions

  • Ads for your book (2-3 options per group)

  • A period of complete account management

For authors who are really interested in generating traffic to their website, Google AdWords enables them to quickly bring the book to potential readers. Google AdWords is a highly directional advertising platform which allows your book to be known by the visitors most likely to be interested in it. The first step in using this service is to create a pay – per – click (PPC ) advertising account with Google AdWords for your website. We will create your account with all relevant information that will help running a well-planned campaign. Then, we will analyze all the keywords, we write ads, will manage their placement, and we continually optimize to ensure the maximization of profit from advertising.

Ads cost is not included in this service. Every time someone clicks on your ads, you must pay a fee to Google. This fee is generally between $0.50 cents and $3.00 per click. This budget is set by the author and will be paid to Google directly by the author. We will work with you to establish a budget adapted to your needs and possibilities.

After three months, you’ll pay to us a fee for account management of 20% from monthly expenses with advertising to continue to take care of the account and monitor it. For example, if you paid $200 per month on Google Adwords, pay for us will be $40 per month to continue managing the account.

You have complete control over your budget, and you are not obliged to pay any amount at any time at Google for advertising. Advertising on Google or other ad networks do not necessarily guarantee any level of sales of the book, but a great way to quickly generate additional traffic to your site. No ad will run until your book is not available for sale.

If you want to set up an account online advertising on Yahoo and Bing (same account), we can offer a price that can configure this service. It would apply the same tax account management.


What is PPC?

PPC translates Pay-Per-Click, and means you pay every time someone clicks on your advertisement. Cost per click will vary depending on the competitiveness of keywords you bid. We will closely monitor AdWords account and we will make the necessary changes to keep advertising as effective as possible.

What kinds of books are best sold using PPC advertising?

The best books for such PPC advertisements on search engines are usually the non-literary. This is because the non-literary subjects of the books are more frequently subject to searches on Google than topics of literary books. This gives to the authors of non-literary books a distinct advantage when it comes to PPC advertising.

Search traffic is also more focused on non-literary books. If you are an author of a literary book, advertising using keywords such as “literary” and “literature” is generally ineffective, as search does not tell much about the subject in which is interested the person in searching. The term “literature” is quite wide and it is also very expensive to use. The profit margin for a typical literary book is not large enough to justify such expensive advertising. This is why literary books are not usually recommended for this program.

Do you provide advertising on Yahoo or Bing?

We offer these services on demand, but Google provides, in general, most consistent results. These services are offered when requested by the author.

How can I track my ad effectiveness?

We send monthly reports to each client taking part in this program. In these reports we include cost per click, advertising costs, data conversion, and number of clicks your ads have received. This information is useful in evaluating campaign.

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