We offer integrated services for e- book editing, publishing, distribution and marketing, for authors and publishers.

We are committed to help authors of books, printed or not, and publishers of all sizes, to develop successful business on the e-book market, offering a full range of formatting, distribution, publishing, and marketing services.

We use the most modern e-book formatting techniques. We continually improve our e-book editing technique.

Professional editing of e-books.

Can be read on any known e-book reader. Due to our special layout formatting, the e-books look great on any major e-book reader.

You can also send us book for processing in plain text, Word, PDF, InDesign, or even in print that we can scan and then process the image text recognition.

Professional design of e-books.

Regardless of the complexity of the book, we have the necessary experience and training to process it.

Our manual  formatting process allows tackling the most challenging aspects in processing electronic books.

Quick and easy publication of e-books.

The e-book will be published in most important online stores as Amazon, Apple, Google, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, etc.

Your copyright for e-book remain intact, and we do not require any money on this.

Professional marketing of e-books.

Increase your quality and sale of electronic books through a professional editing.

We use the most modern and effective methods of promoting your books online electronics.

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