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Fables and Legends from Japan


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Japanese-EN-3DTranslator and editor: Nicolae Sfetcu

The book includes a collection of Japanese legends and fables collected by the missionary Claudius Ferrand in Japan.

Japanese mythology (Nihon shinwa) is the set of legends and myths of Japan.

The main Japanese myths, as generally accepted nowadays have Shinto origin, based on the Kojiki and other complementary works. The Kojiki is the oldest collection of myths, legends and history of Japan. The Shintōshū explains the genesis of deities from a Buddhist approach. The Tsutae Hotsuma and the Nihonshoki, meanwhile, contain relatively different versions of this mythology.


Urashima Tarō and the Ocean Goddess
The little thief
Revenge of the hare
The monster Yamata
The unique umbrella
The eight young goats
The Adventures of Benke
The Kompeito vase
The rats from the temple
December strawberries
The sparrow without tongue
The two cysts
A cunning of Jiro
– Nicolae Sfetcu
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Publication Date: August 23, 2015

PREVIEW: https://www.telework.ro/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Fables_and_Legends_from_Japan-Claudius_Ferrand-C-Preview.pdf

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