I provide professional services for your book, from the stage of creation, including editing, publishing, translation (if applicable), to ensure sales and international recognition as a successful author.

The proposed solutions will be customized according to your book’s subject, target readers, and the image that you intend to promote as an author.

  1. Editing the book involves checking your manuscript, including suggestions on correcting of terms of grammar and punctuation, formatting and arranging the chapters. After making necessary changes, your manuscript will be reviewed for approval or any other corrections/changes. After returning the manuscript will make a final check.

  2. During the next stage I will present the format o future printed book, depending on content, subject, and target audience. After approval of the format, I will work on editing the book in that format.

    • If there are images in the content, I will process the images to fit the size and quality of publishing requirements.

    • I will convert the final edited version in two types of files, Word and PDF, that we will submit, for approval.

  3. Designing and creation of the cover for the printed edition, according to the contents of the book and the message that the author wants to convey.

  4. Editing and convertion of the book for sale in digital format as e-Book (EPUB, Kindle, PDF), to be read on any mobile device.

  5. Printing and publishing of the book in the most popular online stores on the Internet and offline.

  6. Developing a marketing campaign to promote the image of the book and the author.

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