We, at MultiMedia, have a rich and diverse experience in developing and promoting businesses, organizations, people, principles and ideas on the Internet. We offer, since 2001, business solutions, web development, web design, e-commerce, online marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, project management, translation, e-book editing and publishing, etc.

We have a good reputation as provider of Internet services, able to develop, customize and deliver web sites that will be in the top of search engines. We will help sell your products and services, and increase the efficiency of your current marketing strategies. We are a trusted partner.

We have worked and we are working closely with customers and institutions, NGOs, and companies. Through market research that we realize or access, your domain specific knowledge and the latest technologies, we have helped so far over 100 business as that of your to develop.

You will soon convince on our competence, professionalism and experience.

What is included in our online services?

We offer a unique and effective approach to the development, monitoring and improvement of our clients websites. Our comprehensive search engine optimization, web development and design, project management and IT support is integrated for you in a special offer of Internet service.

Custom Web Design & Development

Our approach to design and web development requires close collaboration with customers. Taking into account the specific requirements and custom design, we guarantee the success of your web site. Custom web design includes an appropriate mix of static pages, animation images and online forms (contact, requests, orders, etc.)

Search Engine Optimization

We believe that to grow your business on your online market, you must be in the top of the search in search engines like Google, Bingo and Yahoo. For this you need a specialist in website optimization for search engines (SEO). With the technology and experience we have, we can ensure that your online marketing strategy is tailored for your business and specific industry and website will reach the top of Google organic search for main keywords in your business domain. By analyzing your market, study the most appropriate keywords reference and competence and experience in developing a specific content, we offer the best results in the field.

Internet Marketing

Our Internet marketing services are comprehensive services dedicated to our customers’ business growth through strategic use of several methods of online marketing. In addition to building strategic links use a complete list of other methods, such as social networks marketing, local marketing, publishing optimized content, specific analyzes, reports, as well as less used but more efficient methods.

Project Management

Unlike large companies where such activity is dispersed to many employees, we take care of all aspects of your business staff from initial discussions to develop the website, ensuring compliance with customer requirements and promote it online, there will be this way a unified approach and integrated project. Through an ongoing collaboration during the development and promotion of the website, we ensure that each stage is functional, efficient. and accepted by the client.

IT Support and Information Security

Our services include the purchase and administration of Internet domain names, email addresses creation and maintenance, general maintenance and regular updates, technical support and assistance via email around the clock.

Our services focus on support and security requirements of web solutions.

To learn how we can help grow your business on the Internet by the design, development, management and increase of the overall efficiency of your online business, please contact us via our online form or email. We offer a free initial consultation


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